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A VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) network, located strategically around the islands (at schools, hospitals, police stations and community centers for example) will provide much needed education, medical and community services. And, whenever natural disasters occur, the desperately needed communication facilities will already be in place.

The teleport located just a few miles from San Juan metro area in Puerto Rico is the central hub for Campo Rico Group. It is strategically located so that it has a clear line of sight to satellites providing coverage of North and South America and Europe. Its superior strong base and infrastructure ensure it will withstand strong winds or earthquakes. Backup generators ensure 24/7 availability. Ku and Ka Band antennas will join the 11 MC-Band uplinks and multiple receive only antennas, so all communication needs could be met.

A television studio in the teleport as an insert point to originate special transmissions will be available for videoconferencing and will provide educators and community organizations the facilities and equipment needed to create educational and community programs.