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Connecting Latinos

Education and Distance Learning

Education shouldn’t be a limited to location. Children and adults living in some poor areas without access to good communication links are denied access to standards of education that others receive automatically. Satellite communications can change this. Installation of a VSAT terminal can provide broadband connection to the Internet... and to the world. Teachers in cities can teach children in rural areas. Content can be tailored to the needs of students in remote locations. Universities in one country can be linked to their counterpart in another in order to complement their educational offering, open avenues for collaborating in research, course development, and faculty exchanges.

Linking university students enables the understanding of different cultures and promotes international relations. The synergistic exchange of course material expands resources for both countries and raises the standard of education for everyone.

Education provides the basic tools that children need to get through life and contribute to their community. Education provides people the ability to earn more and improve their standard of living.