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In rural areas it is often difficult to attract the best doctors. And in the less developed areas of the world, poor roads and low income make the situation even worse, leading to even greater inequality in the standard of care available.

Rural areas with exodus of doctors, including those with certain specialties, have similar needs.

Satellite can change this. Satellite technology can provide a solution by bringing services in a private and secure manner. Doctors, located in hospitals many miles away are able to help local doctors with diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the more complex patients.

A local hospital or clinic can be provided with a VSAT (very small aperture satellite terminal) connected to a computer for instantaneous two-way communication between the two facilities. This connection can take place locally and between countries.

In the event of a natural disaster – hurricane or earthquake for example – having this infrastructure already in place can be invaluable. Terrestrial communications are almost always damaged in these situations and can take days or even months to restore. During these times, as well as providing much needed medical care, satellite communication can be used to coordinate relief efforts.