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CRG Solutions

The next generation of
high-speed satellite Internet.

Available Where You Are Today

Finally, all of your sites can get high-speed connectivity, even if you’re located beyond the reach of cable or are limited by slow DSL. Wherever you are, CRG Communications provides a reliable, secure, always-on network that gives you instant access to the mission-critical information and applications you need — email, payment transactions, web pages, sharing files, online videos, and more.

CRG Communications provides added value, including installation with trained and certified technicians, maintenance, and the incorporation of applications so you can take full advantage of the system, taking into consideration the clients needs.

4 Reasons to Choose CRG Communications
  1. Faster Speeds

    HughesNet Gen5 is faster than ever, with download speeds of 25 Mbps on every plan.*

  2. More Data

    More data available during business hours, when you need it most—and lots of Anytime Data to use 24/7, day or night.

  3. Available in More Places

    HughesNet Gen5 is available wherever you serve—even where cable cannot reach and where T1 lines are too expensive.

  4. Trusted by More People

    You can rely on America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet.

Right For Your Agency
The great features don’t stop with faster speeds and more data. Every CRG plan comes with even more great bene ts to help you get the most from your service.

Keep connected with a generous amount of Daytime Data to help you get more done during standard business hours (8am-6pm), as well as a huge amount of Anytime Data that’s available to use 24/7.

There are no hard data limits.** Even if you exceed your plan data, we won’t cut you o or charge or more. You can stay connected at reduced speeds until your next billing cycle.

Plus, all plans include a commercial grade .98 meter satellite antenna designed to provide high-reliability for small office use, and a commercial installation package tailored for locations like park stations, schools and offices.

Industry Leadership
Hughes® has three decades of experience delivering managed network solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Using that experience, Hughes created a robust suite of high-speed Internet plans speci cally tailored for small and medium-sized sites.

With HughesNet for Government, you can seize new opportunities, reach more constituents and achieve your daily missions. Let Hughes—the industry leader in high-speed satellite Internet—put the power of broadband into your agency.