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Disaster Recovery Communications

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Whenever, wherever disaster strikes, the need for good communication rises exponentially. Emergency responders need to be able to communicate with each other and with the outside world. Whether it’s an earthquake, flood or hurricane, the terrestrial communication infrastructure is usually damaged. One downed pole can cut off an entire area. In the case of cellular, a fallen tower can severely overload adjacent areas.

Communications interruption could be devastating to any business large or small. A VSAT network is the technology of choice for ensuring business connectivity for organizations like global corporations, government and the military. These organizations utilize their systems for business continuity and other times for breakup and redundancy. Others have developed effective programs for staff development.

Satellite systems are the only communications networks not impacted by natural disasters. The second point in the network is 22,000 miles about the earth; impervious to destruction on the ground. They can be switched on, with the flip of a switch, providing instantaneous high capacity bandwidth whenever needed.

Advance planning is the key to successful emergency management. The satellite infrastructure needs to be in place prior to disaster striking. Otherwise damaged roads, mean the modems and antennas may be stranded miles away. Integrating satellite into the regular communications infrastructure means the resources are there when needed.

CRG offers communication services for Disaster Recovery. Voice, video and data to assist the recovery process in places where traditional infrastructure collapsed partially or completely.