Only World Teleport Association Member in Puerto Rico

Fast & Cost Effective Solutions

Fast & Cost
Effective Solutions

Services & Solutions

CRG is a telecommunications company that has its own infrastructure. It owns a satellite Teleport located in the Caribbean, on the outskirts of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. CRG is dedicated to creating private networks using broadband technologies, mainly satellite systems VSAT technology (Very Small Aperture Terminal) to provide services and solutions in the following areas:

Emergency Services

Preparation before and after emergencies . . . READ MORE

Business Continuity

Communication services for Disaster Recovery . . .READ MORE

Education / Distance Learning

Integration of technologies to support education . . .READ MORE

Telemedicine / Health

Communication between health systems . . .READ MORE

Two-Way Broadband

For data, voice and video. READ MORE

High-speed Internet Connectivity

Internet services for businesses . . .READ MORE

Teleport Services

The teleport located on the outskirts of San Juan . . .READ MORE

Video for Special Events

Concerts, cultural activities, Video conferences, . . .READ MORE