Only World Teleport Association Member in Puerto Rico

Caribbean Preparedness and Response

CPR is a model of a Satellite based, Resilient and Innovative, Emergency Telecommunication Infrastructure, that will provide Backup and Business Continuity services to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Campo Rico Group (CRG) Communications is a satellite internet service provider with the capacity to provide timely cost-effective solutions for sustained communications before and after of natural disasters in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. As a member of the Global VSAT Forum and the UN Global Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, CRG proposes the creation of a Caribbean Preparedness and Response Center or CPR, which aims to organize and manage local, customized, scalable consortiums of organizations with common interests and a strong willingness to collaborate in an emergency. Together, the members of these groups will take part in a coordinated satellite communications network as an innovative solution to efficiently prepare for, and recover from, natural and other disasters. Click here for more information.