Only World Teleport Association Member in Puerto Rico

Promoting Economic Development

Promoting Economic

Campo Rico Group is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Spanish speaking people everywhere. Providing broadband communication in areas where none exists. Delivering new educational content. Connecting students across national boundaries. Facilitating better medical care. Helping when there is a natural disaster.

Providing Solutions to Improve Lives

Service will initially be provided in Puerto Rico and Cuba, linking them to education and medical facilities in the US, and will then be extended to other Caribbean islands and parts of Latin America.

Our Vision

Campo Rico was established to improve the lives of Spanish speaking people everywhere. There are many ways this can be achieved - but they all depend on good communication. This is the fundamental aim of Campo Rico – to provide enhanced communication facilities for disadvantaged Hispanic people. The initial focus will be Puerto Rico and Cuba, but will be expanded in the next few years, to include the rest of Latin America.

The enhanced communication will be used to provide:

  • distance learning for rural schools that are “cut off” from the Internet and the rest of the world
  • links between universities in Latin America and the USA to foster greater understanding and exchange of learning materials
  • internet access for rural community centers during after school hours
  • emergency communication in the event of natural disasters
  • links to remote doctors and hospitals where needed.

Jose Luis Rodriguez

CEO and Founder of Campo Rico Group

Mr. Rodriguez received a BA from the University of Puerto Rico in business administration, then moved to New York City to pursue postgraduate studies in Lehman College In 1982 he pursue a specialization in School Administration and Supervision at Teachers College of Columbia University With over 25 years of experience in education, he has worked as a teacher and counselor, was elected delegate citywide to the teachers' union, United Federation of Teachers (UFT). Mr. Rodriguez was co-chairman of the organizing group National Education Association (NEA) in NYC, was the first Latino to head a Center for Early Childhood Education New York City. - At age 25 - he became the youngest school principal, in the history of public school in the City.

Mr. Rodriguez is an avid participant and supporter of the new developments and trends in the areas of science and technology, Latinos and the digital divide. He is very interested in the relationship that the Latino diaspora in the US has with their countries of origin.

He has fought tenaciously on matters related to the inequalities experienced by minorities in their quest to achieve equal access to information technology. He has been active in the major debates of telecommunications policy at national and international level participant, he has been a leader in the movement for minorities, particularly as to how Latinos are portrayed in the media and the participation telecommunications industry in the United States not only consumers. But as owners and producers.

Mr. Rodriguez was appointed by the President of the Council of the City of New York, Christine Quinn, to the Broadband Commission in New York City, Chaired by Council member Gale Brewer The first single chain in Spanish, such as "PBS" in the US .S He has served as national Chairman of LISTA. Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association.

He was co-founder of the National Association of Independent Networks (NAIN) an independent group in the television industry in the United States. That included Mark Cuban.

Founder of Educational Broadband Alliance (EBA) an alliance that brought together the largest associations in the United States that have airwaves Educational Broadband Service (EBS) devoted to education. He was nominated to be a member of the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) directed and organized by the Family Foundation of former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea international organization.

He has received several awards from major Hispanic organizations across the country.

Mr. Rodriguez and his wife reside in New York City. He is the proud father of two daughters and grandfather of two beautiful grandchildren.